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Build your microservices, APIs, backends and more with functions

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10x Faster

Performance is serverless' missing piece. Binaris fires up functions over 10x faster than serverless alternatives, so you can use functions to build your APIs and backends. We provide 99% performance SLA so you don't have to worry about cold starts and pre-warming. On Binaris, you can compose any number of functions and microservices together without affecting user experience.

10% Cost

Binaris is designed from the ground up to support massive workloads without piling up charges. We worry about efficiency, utilization and density so you don't have to pay unnecessary overheads. With Binaris you can run your core services as functions and still pay the same (or less) than if you managed your own instances.

The shortest path to cloud applications

A streamlined development cycle is critical for productivity. We obsess over developer experience so you can build and update your apps quickly and easily:

  • 100% SaaS solution
  • Never think about servers
  • Running on AWS
  • Lightning fast deployment
  • Interactive logging


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